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Wizard Wars Playtest

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A few weeks ago we hosted a play-test for our Daemon Platform, particularly looking at running our upcoming Wizard Wars game. Russ and Torrey were our guinea pigs--thanks, you two! <3

You'll notice in the photos that there are a few featured components:

1) The Cowl: We've made purple and gold cowls that go over the shoulders, which have several sensors attached to it. These sensors detect when spells or weapons hit you.

2) The Sword: Each sword has hardware built into the handle, which detects when a hit connects with your target. Three buttons on each weapon also allow you to use abilities.

3) The Wand: Wands allow you to cast spells at others using a button and a movement directed at your target.

4) The Phone Device:  Each person wears a cell phone on their wrist, which keeps track of all the data happening during the game. Glancing down at your wrist allows you to determine your Hit Points, abilities, etc.

The Daemon Platform Trailer is HERE!

Our Daemon Platform, a hardware system that allows for immersive and realistic game-play, is showcased in this new trailer video. You can play games like this one with our equipment--making it possible to fight with weapons, guns, archery, and magic!

Whether you want to play in a post-apocalyptic setting or a medieval fantasy one, our Daemon Platform simplifies the game and does the math for you. No more counting hit points in your head.  Everything is done in real-time without needing WiFi or cell phone coverage.

Don't just play the game. Live the Game.

Website Troubles

We've been having some technical difficulties lately with our website due to our zombies getting loose, which has unfortunately led to losing all of our previous website content. Whoops! Thankfully we've gotten the site back up and running, and are currently hard at work restoring all the pages to their former glory. We appreciate your…
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SDCC 2016 was a blast!

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We had a great time at San Diego Comic Con, and the 'What is Live Action Role Playing' panel was a success! It was an intimate setting for SDCC, and it meant getting some personal time with potential LARPers from around the world.

Ford was able to present our new teaser trailer for the Daemon Platform--our hardware that is going to make it possible for you to "Live the Game." It will be released very soon for the mass audience to see!


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