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“Duel Arcanum”

Duel Arcanum will feature our Daemon "Leaping Wizard Wands," which have the capability to turn your magic system into augmented reality! Duel other wizards and feel like a real spell caster in your own backyard. Host your own games--or find someone nearby!

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Our demo game is getting a makeover

Our SpellSlingers based demo game has gotten a makeover recently! We've been moving along with the SpellSlingers mobile app, now that the hardware is done and the patents are pending. Incognita Limited has been doing great work incorporating our hardware into the software--so meanwhile we have been making sure the app will look and feel as great…
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It’s coding time with Incognita Limited

This week we have sent our tested hardware to Matthew Webb at Incognita Limited for software development. This software will include a new and exciting app for our upcoming SpellSlingers game! We will begin alpha tests by December 17. We are very excited to be working alongside Incognita Limited and believe that together we will be able to bring…
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Practicing our Spell Gestures

As we've mentioned in a post back in January, Gesture Casting to Better Spells, we have been working on incorporating gesture technology into our wands. This means you'll be able to 'swish' and 'flick' your wand in order to cast different magic spells. [caption id="attachment_488" align="alignleft" width="500"] Of course, that means taking on certain responsibilities…
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Breathing Life into SpellSlingers

[caption id="attachment_402" align="alignleft" width="204"] Modern day wizards look a lot like the average "muggle!"[/caption] SpellSlingers, our magic dueling game, is developing into an exciting augmented reality experience! Originally we built SpellSlingers to be a game for the backyard and a few friends, but we've decided the game can easily be much more than that. SpellSlingers will now include a…
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SpellSlingers Logo

We are excited to announce that we are currently focusing on the design and user-interface of our upcoming SpellSlingers game. SpellSlingers is an augmented-reality game that that allows you to fight in magical duels with 1 or an entire group of your friends--turning your love of Harry Potter into a reality! Featuring a system that only requires a…
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Gesture Casting to Better Spells

Gesture Casting to Better Spells We've been talking about how we're improving our system--and we're excited to share this little gem. We hope to improve spellcasting with our wands (and guns) by introducing "gesture casting." Gestures will be used to activate weapon skills or to cast spells, and will be used in combination with buttons…
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Casting spells is a lot of fun!

We got some footage from Dragon Con 2016, where we were able to play test our new wizarding mobile game! Our players had a lot of fun casting spells at each other. The best part is that we have so much more planned for the game, including more spells, mana, and swords.

You can watch some of our players casting fireballs and trying to freeze each other in the hallway of the Westin--like laser tag, but better. After all, how often do you get to cast a fireball at laser tag? 😉