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Larp Tech 2.0 at the Living Games Conference

The long-awaited video of Ford at the Living Games Conference is here! We mentioned that Ford attended the conference to talk about our game technology back in May--but now you can check out our presentation for yourself!

Ford at the Living Games ConferenceThe sound quality is definitely not the greatest, but at 0:9:36 you can watch as two audience members try out the system for the first time. Ford then goes on to talk about the wand prototypes themselves, and that we are currently working on getting them made by artists. He also talks about the sensors and their costs--the best part is that all the equipment is lightweight and reasonably priced!

Of course, our system is not limited to just wands. Swords will be next on our list of demos. Watch Ford's talk to also learn how we took automated technology used for public toilets to determine whether or not you've been hit by a melee weapon!

If you have any questions, yourself, we are happy to answer them! Go ahead and drop it in the comments below.

Living Games Conference – First Thoughts

Earlier this month, our Founder Ford Ivey presented our SpellSlinger wands at the Living Games Conference 2018 in Peabody, Massachusetts to an enthusiastic audience. As part of the 'Tech in LARP Design' panel and alongside two other industry innovators, Ford opened his presentation with our Live the Game video and followed with a flawless live…
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We’ve got one cool Head Writer!

We've got a new team member at Legacy Game Systems, and he's one cool LARPer with a ton of experience. Meet Noah Mason! This guy has been in leadership roles within the LARP community since 2007, helping to develop rules and stories for games like Arcane, ARGO Flag, and Nero International.  Noah has joined our team as the…
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Looking Good at DragonCon 2017

This was our second year at DragonCon, and we're excited to say that it went great! We were set up in the AmericasMart 1 along with the LARPs and table top gaming tables, and it was exciting to see the crowd's reception to our working system! Con attendees were welcome to test out our equipment, including…
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See you at SDCC 2017!

Come learn about our upcoming SpellSlingers game at San Diego Comic-Con International on Friday at 8 pm in Room 23ABC! We will be speaking on a panel called, Using Technology to Create Immersive Worlds in Live Action Role-Play. Learn more about the panel and tell us that you're coming on the SDCC website and app! Share it on…
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Tales of the Wanderer

As we get closer to a final version of our Daemon Platform, we are excited about the possibilities. What we've created is an augmented reality system that will revolutionize personal entertainment as we know it! We've never been so sure of these possibilities as we are now, as we announce the upcoming launch of our…
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It was so nice meeting you at DragonCon!

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It's been a few weeks since we were at Dragon Con, but we are still excited as ever about our latest LARP system. Whether you got to play-test our Wizard Wars game (soon to be renamed!) or if you're simply interested in our innovative mobile technology--we are so glad to have you join us for the ride!

We will be keeping you up-to-date on our gaming products as they are developed and released. First and foremost, you can expect our wizarding game to be available for pre-order in about one month.

If you have yet to sign up for our newsletter, you can do so by signing up here.

Looking forward to great things to come!

~The Legacy Game Systems Team

SDCC 2016 was a blast!

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We had a great time at San Diego Comic Con, and the 'What is Live Action Role Playing' panel was a success! It was an intimate setting for SDCC, and it meant getting some personal time with potential LARPers from around the world.

Ford was able to present our new teaser trailer for the Daemon Platform--our hardware that is going to make it possible for you to "Live the Game." It will be released very soon for the mass audience to see!