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Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 4

We finally complete our survey results from Dragon Con with this final post! This week we're sharing a summary and the implications we've drawn from the results, so you might see what we plan to do in the future with this new knowledge. Let us know what you think! Summary and Implications The equipment worked well…
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Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 3

We again continue with our survey results from Dragon Con; this week we're showing you how our participants would improve our system. These are some great suggestions--some that we've been implementing.   Suggestions When asked, “What would you change, and how would you change it?” these were the responses: More spells, characters More sensors maybe? Overall…
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Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 2

We again continue with our survey results from Dragon Con; this week we're showing you how our participants rated our demo game and what they really liked about it! Ratings Players were asked to rate the experience of using the LGS equipment. Responses are summarized below: Overall, how did you like using the LGS equipment?…
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Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 1

  Sidney put a lot of work into analyzing the results of our Dragon Con Surveys, and we thought it would be great to share them in a 5-part series. Follow along to get a better idea of the experience players had at our demo game, and what you can expect from Spell Slingers, our real-life…
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Casting spells is a lot of fun!

We got some footage from Dragon Con 2016, where we were able to play test our new wizarding mobile game! Our players had a lot of fun casting spells at each other. The best part is that we have so much more planned for the game, including more spells, mana, and swords.

You can watch some of our players casting fireballs and trying to freeze each other in the hallway of the Westin--like laser tag, but better. After all, how often do you get to cast a fireball at laser tag? 😉

Wizard Wars Playtest

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A few weeks ago we hosted a play-test for our Daemon Platform, particularly looking at running our upcoming Wizard Wars game. Russ and Torrey were our guinea pigs--thanks, you two! <3

You'll notice in the photos that there are a few featured components:

1) The Cowl: We've made purple and gold cowls that go over the shoulders, which have several sensors attached to it. These sensors detect when spells or weapons hit you.

2) The Sword: Each sword has hardware built into the handle, which detects when a hit connects with your target. Three buttons on each weapon also allow you to use abilities.

3) The Wand: Wands allow you to cast spells at others using a button and a movement directed at your target.

4) The Phone Device:  Each person wears a cell phone on their wrist, which keeps track of all the data happening during the game. Glancing down at your wrist allows you to determine your Hit Points, abilities, etc.