It’s coding time with Incognita Limited

This week we have sent our tested hardware to Matthew Webb at Incognita Limited for software development. This software will include a new and exciting app for our upcoming SpellSlingers game! We will begin alpha tests by December 17. We are very excited to be working alongside Incognita Limited and believe that together we will be able to bring…
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Looking Good at DragonCon 2017

This was our second year at DragonCon, and we're excited to say that it went great! We were set up in the AmericasMart 1 along with the LARPs and table top gaming tables, and it was exciting to see the crowd's reception to our working system! Con attendees were welcome to test out our equipment, including…
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See you at SDCC 2017!

Come learn about our upcoming SpellSlingers game at San Diego Comic-Con International on Friday at 8 pm in Room 23ABC! We will be speaking on a panel called, Using Technology to Create Immersive Worlds in Live Action Role-Play. Learn more about the panel and tell us that you're coming on the SDCC website and app! Share it on…
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Practicing our Spell Gestures

As we've mentioned in a post back in January, Gesture Casting to Better Spells, we have been working on incorporating gesture technology into our wands. This means you'll be able to 'swish' and 'flick' your wand in order to cast different magic spells. [caption id="attachment_488" align="alignleft" width="500"] Of course, that means taking on certain responsibilities…
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Breathing Life into SpellSlingers

[caption id="attachment_402" align="alignleft" width="204"] Modern day wizards look a lot like the average "muggle!"[/caption] SpellSlingers, our magic dueling game, is developing into an exciting augmented reality experience! Originally we built SpellSlingers to be a game for the backyard and a few friends, but we've decided the game can easily be much more than that. SpellSlingers will now include a…
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Tales of the Wanderer

As we get closer to a final version of our Daemon Platform, we are excited about the possibilities. What we've created is an augmented reality system that will revolutionize personal entertainment as we know it! We've never been so sure of these possibilities as we are now, as we announce the upcoming launch of our…
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Why I Love Playing a Divination Wizard in 5e Dungeons & Dragons

[caption id="attachment_462" align="alignleft" width="231"] Avariel Elf from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms setting.[/caption] by Kristin Brumley Let me begin by explaining that I've only been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2010. It all began with 3.5 edition in my friend's basement, alongside a group of 9 others (talk about chaos). We used the Forgotten Realms setting…
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Packaging and Shipping Decisions

As we near hardware and software completion, we are now faced with the decision of how to package and ship our upcoming gear for SpellSlingers! We have several exciting (and related) announcements on the way, but in the meantime we are deciding on how best to ship you your wand, sensors, and hub. We want to…
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A Classic DnD Solution for Wizard Duels

A Classic DnD Solution for Wizard Duels   If you're a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player, you might remember the world of Mystara. One of the game's first settings, it was especially popular during the 1980s and was comprised of such familiar places as the Known World and the Savage Coast. Ultimately? Mystara was the…
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The 5 Coolest Wizard Duels in Movies

We've been hard at work on our upcoming SpellSlingers game, and it's really gotten us thinking about some of the coolest wizard duels...specifically on the big screen. We've been treated to some fantastic creations through the years, many of which inspire us as we develop an immersive magic game with wands. While it's a challenge…
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Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast of our Trailer Video If you enjoyed our Legacy Game Systems trailer, then you have an entire cast and crew of people to thank! A lot of work went into showcasing our Daemon Platform using a zombie LARP game, including a great cast of "post-apocalyptic gamers." Let's give these actors a little credit, shall…
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SpellSlingers Logo

We are excited to announce that we are currently focusing on the design and user-interface of our upcoming SpellSlingers game. SpellSlingers is an augmented-reality game that that allows you to fight in magical duels with 1 or an entire group of your friends--turning your love of Harry Potter into a reality! Featuring a system that only requires a…
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Gesture Casting to Better Spells

Gesture Casting to Better Spells We've been talking about how we're improving our system--and we're excited to share this little gem. We hope to improve spellcasting with our wands (and guns) by introducing "gesture casting." Gestures will be used to activate weapon skills or to cast spells, and will be used in combination with buttons…
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Tech Improvements Based on YOUR Suggestions

Tech Improvements Based on YOUR Suggestions We are getting close to having our final hardware revision by the end of February! Let us tell you about some of the changes we've been making. After our demo at DragonCon, Ford felt like there wasn't enough excitement when casting a spell with our wands. Magic should have…
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Augmented Reality Zombie Battles

Are you in love with post-apocalyptic movies, comics, TV-shows and video games? Ever considered fighting reality? We're creating a system that allows you to live games in an AR setting, using minimal technology in order to keep track of your health, spells, and weapon abilities.

Whether you're a video gamer, laser tag enthusiast, or long-time LARPer, we believe we have found a way to take your game to a whole new, immersive level. Fight zombies, goblins, or whatever else your heart desires thanks to Legacy Game System's Daemon Platform--hardware that allows you to LIVE the game.

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Legacy Game Systems
Ford Ivey & Sidney Fisher

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Grant Edwards & Noreen Sullivan


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