Webstore Launches April 16

At Legacy Game Systems, we've been busy developing the ultimate augmented reality platform for live gaming. It's been an exciting adventure, and we're so close to finally offering our magic dueling wands!

As we make the final preparations for our wand game, we are happy to announce another venture we like to call Daemonwerks. A nod to our Daemon Platform, Daemonwerks is our new webstore that will feature LARP weapons, accessories, and will eventually carry all our augmented reality hardware.

The grand opening will be on April 16--and to celebrate some of our favorite products will be available at a discount!

We will be adding a link to the webstore once it launches--we will also be sending out the link on our Facebook page and email newsletter.

Product Spotlight

Tavern Tankard

Slide your plastic cup onto this foam sleeveā€¦ or take the cup out to throw the tankard at your enemies! Invented by Ford Ivey and brought to life by Gargoyle Forge, these tankards are sized to exactly fit a 16-18 ounce plastic cup (Solo or similar, not included). Dress up your drink, and keep it cold at the same time.

Leather Belt with Pouches

This unisex, all-purpose belt holds your things safely and comfortably, in game or in town. Pouches have both zippers and snaps. There are also hidden zipper pockets on the inside, great for carrying cash. Hand made from 100% leather. Offered by Sky Blue Sky.

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