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Legacy Game Systems is a game development company specializing in augmented reality hardware. We are working toward a system that will allow Live Action Role Players (LARP), laser tag enthusiasts, and video gamers to play in the ultimate melee game.

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Current Projects:

Our Daemon Platform will track your live action game stats on your smart phone! Your hit points and status effects are instantly tracked in our app, so you are free to play without needing to keep stats in your head.

Duel Arcanum is a mobile game that makes wizard duels possible in a real world setting. Cast spells at your friends and enemies in this backyard augmented reality game for your phone.

Tales of the Wanderer is our first live action role play (LARP) game that features our hardware and software capabilities! Fight with a sword or wand and live in a world of magic and adventure.

A truly revolutionary system that allows you to play anywhere. The LGS interface tracks game effects like spells, damage, and healing, eliminating the need to keep track in your head. So simple a child could use it, this system is only limited by your imagination.

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Recent News

  • In Memory of Ford Ivey

    In Memory of Ford Ivey (1948-2021) Ford Ivey, the founder of Legacy Game Systems and the Grandfather of NERO, was an incredible and creative man who affected the lives of hundreds (dare we say thousands) of people. His Powerful Imagination At the age of 72, he was an accomplished game designer recognized in the live action role playing community as Continue Reading

  • “Duel Arcanum”

    Duel Arcanum will feature our Daemon “Leaping Wizard Wands,” which have the capability to turn your magic system into augmented reality! Duel other wizards and feel like a real spell caster in your own backyard. Host your own games–or find someone nearby!

  • 5 LARP Red Flags You Need To Watch For

    I’ve been to my share of badly-run games over the years, and while some of these flags are more obvious than others it’s important to take a step back and evaluate a game as clinically as you can. Preferably before you get too invested in it.

  • Looking forward to 2020!

    Well, it’s been a landmark year for Legacy Game Systems. We have the printed circuit boards being finished at the factory as we speak. The wands will be able to cast six spells of differing types: everything from a “Destroy” spell (yeah, it does that) to a “Slow” spell (If you move too fast, you lose hit points) These are Continue Reading

  • A guide to LARP gifts

    So, your friend or family member loves Live Action Role Play (LARP). Shopping for the LARPer in your life can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never tried the hobby, yourself! Here’s the first thing to know: LARPers put a lot of effort into their characters and their costumes, which gives you an opportunity to give a gift that they cherish Continue Reading