A guide to LARP gifts

So, your friend or family member loves Live Action Role Play (LARP). Shopping for the LARPer in your life can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never tried the hobby, yourself!

Elves at a LARP look a lot more epic than they do at Santa’s workshop.

Here’s the first thing to know: LARPers put a lot of effort into their characters and their costumes, which gives you an opportunity to give a gift that they cherish all year long.

But how do you decide what gift is best? This is our insider’s guide to help you out.

Should I buy them a costume?

Costumes can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with a player’s character. Many LARPers already have an existing costume for their character, and may have specific styles they wish to keep. For example, if they play an elf, they may want a costume that adheres to the organic shapes and style of Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Maybe as a dwarf fighter, they want metal armor instead of leather.

Or maybe they don’t play at a fantasy LARP at all, and instead play a post-apocalyptic zombie hunter!

So, this is your opportunity to ask every LARPer their favorite question: “Will you tell me about your LARP character?”

LARP players are typically overjoyed to tell you about their character, and to show you photos of their current costume. You get to be a sneaky investigator, while also giving your loved one a chance to share something important to them. Being heard is a gift on its own.

For the Spellcaster

This Wizard Robe can be worn over an existing costume to give it some great flair and extra warmth for fall, winter and spring games.

For the LARPer still wearing sneakers

These Pirate Gaiters can be worn over sneakers or hiking boots to give them a more period-appropriate look without breaking the bank (or learning their shoe size).

For the Elf

The Elven Headband is both a costume piece and leather armor perfect for an elf or other fantasy creature. It is adjustable and a fun, unique gift idea.

If you aren’t familiar with your loved one’s existing costume–or they have many different characters to choose from–it might be easier to find a gift that can match with many costumes or characters, instead.

The Classic Hood

The Basic Hood is a cotton hood that can be used by a wide assortment of costumes. Layers like this one add interest to a player’s costume!

Everyone Needs Pants

Everyone needs Basic Pants. The style is simple and can be used across different costumes–and it’s made out of quality material that comes in black, beige, green or orange.

What about LARP weapons?

LARP weapons are an extension of a player’s costume. An intricate sword fits well in the hands of a noble person or an elf, while a beaten and chipped blade is better for a rough soldier or orc.

Typically, LARP weapons are made in a few ways:

  1. Boffer Weapons are made from padding encased in a nylon sleeve. They are very lightweight and made for ‘lightest touch games.’ They will break down over time, but require little maintenance.
  2. Latex LARP Weapons are made from soft EVA foam coated in a layer of latex. These weapons are typically more expensive, but look more realistic. They require maintenance in the form of regular silicone spray over the latex.
  3. Hybrid Weapons are made from soft EVA foam coated in latex and polyurethane casts. These weapons look the most realistic, but are the most expensive. They require silicone spray maintenance only on the blade portion, where it is covered in latex.

This is your opportunity to, once again, do a little investigation work. You will want to look up the game where they play and find out if they have any rules about weapons. Some LARP games require that players only use boffers, while others require latex or hybrid weapons.

PRO TIP: Find out from your loved one’s character photos what sort of weapon they already use and consider getting them an upgrade of that same type. This way you don’t have to worry about whether or not their game will allow their new gift!

For the Boffer LARPer

The Orchid Saber is an elegant boffer sword crafted by a master artist. It’s incredible lightweight and shaped like a real sword.

A Sword for Many Character Types

The Errant Sword is a hybrid weapon that can be used by fighters, rogues, and everyone in between.

When you want to Impress

When you want to make your LARP friend really happy, consider the Noble Sword. This hybrid sword has an intricate cross-guard that will upgrade their entire costume.

Or order a custom boffer weapon, so they can have something that is one-of-a-kind!

Custom Swords with your choice of blade shape, cross-guard, and pommel!
Boffer Deluxe Axes are made with your choice of axe head and length.

Don’t forget the silicone spray!

If you plan to gift a latex or hybrid weapon, it’s also a good idea to add some silicone spray. It’s a great stocking stuffer that will keep their weapon looking great for a long time!

What is good for all LARPers?

When neither a costume or a weapon will do the trick, we have a few more clever gift ideas.

Consider Accessories

Accessories can be used by an assortment of characters, and their use is not predominantly dependent on their aesthetic. A soldier, wizard, rogue, and archer can all benefit from a Telescope with a Leather Pouch.

Accessories also have a fun way of adding to a player’s experience. Having a Scroll Case means that they have a way to store game documents in an in-character way. It’s also a great way to slip something extra inside, like a gift certificate to their favorite LARP game.

Upgrade their game

The Tavern Tankard is a wooden or steel looking tankard that can be used as a throwable weapon…or a way to hide a solo cup. And it’s currently on sale!

When all else fails, give the gift that keeps giving!

Find something that they can use in real life, too! That way, if it doesn’t ultimately work for their character…it still works for them!

The Aruthian Belt is made from real leather, so it’s a belt that will last–plus it is tooled with beautiful designs.
The Leather Belt with Pouches is a stylish way to add some useful pockets to your costume—or outfit! It is a handmade belt made from genuine leather. And it’s on sale. 😉

We hope we’ve been able to give you an insight into the LARPer’s mind! Daemonwerks specializes in all the LARP gear your family and friends may need! Happy Holidays!

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