About Us


We’re creating
Augmented Reality LARP.

At Legacy Game Systems we are developing hardware systems that will allow Live Action Role Play to level up in the world of tech! The possibilities are numerous, and we’re excited to deliver true imagination.

Play the Game – Not the Rules!

Legacy Game System’s upcoming Daemon Platform is the latest in advanced gaming technology. By combining the power of a smart phone with our innovative wireless technology, we have created a gaming platform that outperforms anything you have experienced. Advantages of the Daemon Platform:

  • No cables, wires or other hardware to get in the way
  • No bulky sensor-embedded “chest-pack” needed
  • Fully customizable gameplay
  • Real time, accurate, and automated character statistics during game play
  • Centralized Command & Control for game administrators
  • More realistic gameplay and immersion

How does it work?

Through the use of our system and the specifically designed gaming application for a smart phone, all game play statistics, character profile and gaming details are automatically calculated.

As you immerse yourself into your character, the smart phone does all the logistical work, allowing you to concentrate on what is more important…the game. Our system tracks your status such as hit points, damage taken, health received and other customizable categories.

Long gone are the problems of trying to calculate several character statistics all at one time while trying to remain in the atmosphere of the game. No more approximations or pausing to recalculate damage taken. Our system does all that for you. All you have to do is play!

The Daemon Platform is fully customizable for any genre of game play, whether it’s fantasy, medieval, military, or post apocalypse. It’s YOUR game to play YOUR way. We’ve just made it easier for you to play the game…not the rules!

Can I see this awesome system in action?

Legacy Game Systems will begin running a series of demonstration games very soon, starting with Spell Slingers, a LARP game based on a Harry Potter-like world where you can duel with wands.

Locations, dates and other details will be announced here so be sure to check back often or like us on Facebook for updates.