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Ford Ivey


Ford Ivey was the founder of Legacy Game Systems. Sometimes referred to as the Grandfather of NERO, Ford was the creator of several live action role-playing (LARP) games, including NERO International, Shandlin’s Ferry, Wildlands, The Isles, a live version of Call of Cthulhu, and The Osiris Sanction. Ford was the recipient and namesake of the LARPY Lifetime Achievement award, and was the LARP Guest of Honor at the Origins Game Fair in July 2007.

Ford started playing role-playing games in the 1970s when he attended the University of Texas.

In 2008, Ford started working with Aidrian O’Connor on a new game concept called “The Osiris Sanction”. It is a real-time, real-space game, designed to be played at any time and leading to a “virtual” encounter with denizens of a virtual reality. In working on this game, Ford and Aidrian became aware that there was no good way to do gun combat; paintball was too messy, airsoft was very hit-or-miss, and laser tag was just not ready for the type of game they envisioned. Aidrian left the team at this point, and Ford continued, finding a laser tag solution that proved to be very expensive.

Ford‘s dream to have electronics track all the points of the players (much like a video game does in a console game) became his focus, as he saw that the hardware was now available capable of doing this. Thus the Legacy Project was born with the intention of designing a game system that could take LARP and general gaming to a new, immersive level. It has led to a full system capable of tracking all hits and effects–capable of being adapted to any game!

We continue in his honor.

Sidney Fisher

Sidney Fisher

Chief Financial Officer

Sidney Fisher is the Chief Financial Officer for Legacy Game Systems, which means that it’s up to her to stay on top of the money. We couldn’t work without her! Plus, she deals with the accountant so we don’t have to. 😉 Sidney also spends a lot of her time working on any legal issues we have to address such as copyright, patents, etc.

Sidney has a BA in English, an MA in Psychology (Industrial/Organizational), and a Ph.D. in Psychology (Organizational).  She worked for the U.S. Government doing organizational analysis, customer satisfaction research, and work-family issues support for federal workers for about 17 years, including two years for the U.S. Army.  She wrote, administered, analyzed the results from, and produced reports and briefings about results of surveys, focus groups, and 360-degree evaluations.

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