Augmented Reality Zombie Battles

Are you in love with post-apocalyptic movies, comics, TV-shows and video games? Ever considered fighting zombies…in reality? We’re creating a system that allows you to live games in an AR setting, using minimal technology in order to keep track of your health, spells, and weapon abilities.

Whether you’re a video gamer, laser tag enthusiast, or long-time LARPer, we believe we have found a way to take your game to a whole new, immersive level. Fight zombies, goblins, or whatever else your heart desires thanks to Legacy Game System’s Daemon Platform–hardware that allows you to LIVE the game.


Video Credits

Legacy Game Systems
Ford Ivey & Sidney Fisher

Produced & Directed by
SFTA Creative
Grant Edwards & Noreen Sullivan


Ethan Stevenson
Michael Cole
Lauren Rivas
Rowan Manzer
Russ Manzer
Madison Garris


Melody Allen
Jwon Clendenn
Maya Hutchings
Albert J. W. Summers
Jennifer Williams
Chris Stanford
Nova Cant

Camera Crew

Adam Baher
Kristin Brumley
Mathew Graham

Special Thanks to Foundation Walls

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