Breathing Life into SpellSlingers


Modern day wizards look a lot like the average “muggle!”

SpellSlingers, our magic dueling game, is developing into an exciting augmented reality experience! Originally we built SpellSlingers to be a game for the backyard and a few friends, but we’ve decided the game can easily be much more than that.

SpellSlingers will now include a Story Game mode, where you will enter a hidden world of magic. Join a faction of modern day wizards, shaping the world and influencing your faction’s standing within the wizard hierarchy. Participate in faction duels and build your skills as a magic-user by “spell slinging” with the best.

We are also excited to include a new method of making your wizard character unique to play. Our original demo game included the same spells and abilities for everyone participating. While this is still an option for you and your friends, our Story Game mode will modify your spells and abilities depending on the physical wand you purchase. For example, an Evoker’s Wand will do additional damage when casting destruction spells, while a Healer’s Wand will be more effective at healing.



Concept art of two of our SpellSlinger wands.

This is just one of the ways we are creating an immersive magic game using our Daemon Platform. This same technology will be used in our upcoming LARP game, Tales of the Wanderer.

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