Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 2

20160903_150828 (1)We again continue with our survey results from Dragon Con; this week we’re showing you how our participants rated our demo game and what they really liked about it!


Players were asked to rate the experience of using the LGS equipment. Responses are summarized below:

Overall, how did you like using the LGS equipment?

[table td1=”Response Options” td2=”Number of Responses”] [td1] Loved it! Can I go again?

It was good

Meh, it was OK

Hated it, boo[/td1][td2]7



0[/td2] [/table]

Overall, (if a top rating scored 4, and a bottom rating scored 1), the mean rating was 3.43!

20160903_151032 (1)Favorite Aspects

When asked, “What did you like best, and why?” these were the responses:

  • Fun
  • Intuitive, works well
  • No need to keep track of points/stats. More accountability. Good to have distance.
  • The Physical aspect
  • Creative and fun. Like laser tag but more imaginative.
  • I loved the free roam laser tag aspect. It got me excited and curious about the sword fighting aspect.
  • System was generally receptive
  • The freezing mechanic is cool
  • Lazer tag with sensors & mobile app
  • Communication with phone for damage, healing, status, etc.
  • How interactive the whole system was. Being able to move around with the range was great.
  • The accuracy was pretty good.
  • I liked how it brought magic to a real world & made it tangable.
  • Very competitive, loved that there were multiple spells!

Responses have been reproduced as accurately as possible, and have not been edited for grammar or spelling.

See you again next week!

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