Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 3


We again continue with our survey results from Dragon Con; this week we’re showing you how our participants would improve our system. These are some great suggestions–some that we’ve been implementing.



When asked, “What would you change, and how would you change it?” these were the responses:

  • More spells, characters
  • More sensors maybe? Overall great
  • Nothing – it’s awesome! Understanding it is a phone app. Would be better to have sound louder and/or different for each user to avoid confusion.
  • Bigger targets to hit.
  • System could have been more receptive.
  • I would maybe add a vibration feature and maybe labels on the wand.
  • No change
  • Maybe add headphones so you can heal w/o alerting your presence. Unless that’s on purpose
  • more sensors – placement – strap on glove – use my phone – pricing
  • Vest & Arme guard change. Like to demo sword hits
  • I had trouble with aiming too high, maybe more sensors or a different explanation of how to do this better
  • The “fireball/freeze” could specify the person playing. When 2 people were in proximity and it said “freeze” it was hard to tell if I should freeze or my friend.
  • More space/more emersive invironment
  • A winning score, a way to win, and depleting mana.

Responses have been reproduced as accurately as possible, and have not been edited for grammar or spelling.

Several of the suggestions relate to features that were not included in the bench-made equipment used at the convention, but which have been incorporated into the current design, or are planned for future updates. The app will include an opportunity for players to choose from a larger assortment of spells, for instance, and LGS has always planned to make additional ID tags/sensors available for an additional fee.

See you again next week!

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