Dragon Con 2016 – Survey Results Part 4


We finally complete our survey results from Dragon Con with this final post! This week we’re sharing a summary and the implications we’ve drawn from the results, so you might see what we plan to do in the future with this new knowledge. Let us know what you think!

Summary and Implications

The equipment worked well in play, and players were enthusiastic about it. Several asked how soon they could buy their own.

The diversity in activities that players enjoy indicates that the market for the equipment may be quite broad. It was especially interesting that only one person marked LARPing as one of his or her activities. That person also marked seven other activities.

Several of the wands stopped working at the last run of the convention. It was determined that the failure was due to the USB connection between the hub and the cell phone, that it had worked loose during play. LGS has addressed this failure by accelerating development of a Bluetooth connection to replace the USB connection.

Given the positive responses of the players and the improved functionality and dependability of the equipment, we believe that we are ready to proceed to final preparations to produce and sell the equipment, and expect to start taking pre-orders within a month.

Read the Full Report and Survey:

DragonCon 2016 survey report (Word Doc)
DragonCon 2016 survey report (PDF)

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