Larp Tech 2.0 at the Living Games Conference

The long-awaited video of Ford at the Living Games Conference is here! We mentioned that Ford attended the conference to talk about our game technology back in May–but now you can check out our presentation for yourself!

Ford at the Living Games ConferenceThe sound quality is definitely not the greatest, but at 0:9:36 you can watch as two audience members try out the system for the first time. Ford then goes on to talk about the wand prototypes themselves, and that we are currently working on getting them made by artists. He also talks about the sensors and their costs–the best part is that all the equipment is lightweight and reasonably priced!

Of course, our system is not limited to just wands. Swords will be next on our list of demos.¬†Watch Ford’s talk to also learn how we took automated technology used for public toilets to determine whether or not you’ve been hit by a melee weapon!

If you have any questions, yourself, we are happy to answer them! Go ahead and drop it in the comments below.

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