Living Games Conference – First Thoughts

Earlier this month, our Founder Ford Ivey presented our SpellSlinger wands at the Living Games Conference 2018 in Peabody, Massachusetts to an enthusiastic audience.

As part of the ‘Tech in LARP Design’ panel and alongside two other industry innovators, Ford opened his presentation with our Live the Game video and followed with a flawless live audience demonstration of our most recent wands.

“The Living Games Conference is a good event with a very knowledgeable, sophisticated crowd,” Ivey says about the experience.

Photo of Ford Ivey

Ford Ivey at the Living Games Conference 2018

Most of the audience at the conference are LARP game owners and organizers around the globe. We received many positive responses, as they liked the prospect of having a more immersive LARP experience where players no longer need to keep track of stats and effects.

After our successful demonstration, Ford answered questions about the tech and the app, and announced a few new features you can expect to see in the future!

  • Our Daemon Platform will be open source, so game runners will be able to customize it!
  • The specs to 3D print our SpellSlinger wands will be available as a free download, which pleased those in attendance.

The video of the panel will be available in a couple of months by the conference. Stay subscribed so you won’t miss it!

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