Looking forward to 2020!

Well, it’s been a landmark year for Legacy Game Systems. We have the printed circuit boards being finished at the factory as we speak. The wands will be able to cast six spells of differing types: everything from a “Destroy” spell (yeah, it does that) to a “Slow” spell (If you move too fast, you lose hit points)

These are the wands we have been working on for years, and have finally made them reliable enough to put them out the door. They will be run through your phone (Android for now, but IOS coming soon). We have a couple of big advances we will be introducing this year, too, so get signed up to our mailing list so we can keep you up-to-date.

Watch our Facebook page for more details on the system, how it works, and what it will do. It’s intended, of course, to be a part of a larger, full LARP system. We will be introducing more parts to that system this year.

We expect the wands to be available by late spring at Daemonwerks.com. Watch for more info soon!

Ford Ivey
Owner of Legacy Game Systems

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