Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast of our Trailer Video

If you enjoyed our Legacy Game Systems trailer, then you have an entire cast and crew of people to thank! A lot of work went into showcasing our Daemon Platform using a zombie LARP game, including a great cast of “post-apocalyptic gamers.” Let’s give these actors a little credit, shall we?


Ethan Stevenson

Ethan played the leader of our rag-tag survivors. He protects his team as they fight through zombie infested ruins, wielding a handgun that has been modified to use our Daemon Platform system. (It works a lot like laser tag!) The game keeps track of his ammunition, so all he has to do is point and pull the trigger…no gathering of nerf darts required.

Find him online:


Micheal Cole

Michael played a martial artist and sword-master, fighting alongside his fellow survivors against the zombie horde. Our system keeps track of sword hits made against an enemy, which means you don’t have to keep track of your hit points in your head. Your enemy will receive a message telling them they have been defeated! Of course, that’s expected thanks to Michael’s impressive skill with weapons–in real life and in the game!

Find him online:


Lauren Rivas

Lauren played a zombie survivor with a skill for sniping. With our modified air-soft rifle, Lauren can shoot sensors on enemies across the field! It’s useful to know someone who can protect your back like that, especially with so many undead crawling around.

Find her online:


Madison Garris

Every post-apocalyptic group needs an archer! Madison plays this part exceptionally well. Our LARP hardware allows for bows just as easily as guns, using the release of the bow’s pulled string to trigger sensors. Cool, huh?

Find her online:


Rowan Manzer

Rowan is the youngest of the survivors, but she’s not to be underestimated. We can insert our technology into any traditional LARP weapon, including things like foam baseball bats or foam lead pipes. If you could LARP with it before, it can be made into a Daemon Platform weapon thanks to our DIY kits (or you can purchase one already made).

Russ Manzer

Russ played the healer of the group, wielding magic and the ability to heal his fellow survivors. Using wands and other Daemon Platform enabled devices (like a staff or crystal), any game can incorporate spells–making for some cool possibilities.

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