A Classic DnD Solution for Wizard Duels

A Classic DnD Solution for Wizard Duels


Ms-logo (1)If you’re a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player, you might remember the world of Mystara. One of the game’s first settings, it was especially popular during the 1980s and was comprised of such familiar places as the Known World and the Savage Coast.

Ultimately? Mystara was the quintessential fantasy setting. Based on a 15th century Europe without gunpowder, the Known World was likely the place most of your game modules happened. But there were many other places developed in this game world! Including a chaotic island called Alphatia.

71el3Yls-FLIn 1989–around the time that D&D 2nd Edition was published–the Dawn of the Emperors boxed set was released. It was a supplement for Mystara that featured the Alphatian Empire and introduced a spell called Duel-Shield. 

Duel-shield traps two wizards inside an impenetrable force-field sphere where they can cast any spell they want without killing bystanders or damaging property. This was done because Alphatia had a law against duels outside of a duel-shield…likely because they had to deal with the damages a little too frequently in their empire of chaos.

Here’s the catch: these duels were always fought to the death. So, if you were going to cast the spell, you must have really, really hated each other.

Like…Voldemort wanting to kill Harry level of hate.

New York City really needs to invest in a Duel-shield law.

New York City really needs to consider a duel-shield law.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your own Dungeons and Dragons game–or maybe something new for your SpellSlingers game with your friends–we really like the idea of incorporating this idea! After all, the beauty of a role playing game is that you get to use your own creativity to make it as unique and fun as you want.

So, the next time you begin a wizard duel with your friend in the backyard, maybe imagine using a duel-shield first! That might explain why the lawn chairs haven’t caught fire, yet.


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