We’ve got one cool Head Writer!

We’ve got a new team member at Legacy Game Systems, and he’s one cool LARPer with a ton of experience. Meet Noah Mason! This guy has been in leadership roles within the LARP community since 2007, helping to develop rules and stories for games like Arcane, ARGO Flag, and Nero International. 

Noah has joined our team as the Head Writer for our new Tales of the Wanderer LARP. It’s been a while since we mentioned Tales of the Wanderer! ToW is our upcoming flagship LARP that will utilize all of the cool features that our augmented reality system, the Daemon Platform, can do within a medieval fantasy game. ToW is an ambitious project, and it will ultimately demonstrate what an augmented reality LARP can look like!

Noah, along with our entire team, will be working alongside Incognita Unlimited to code and translate our story ideas into our system. In addition, we’ve hired a Project Manager (welcome, Kate Burns!) and a Non-LARPer Translator (thanks, Gail Burns!).

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