Our demo game is getting a makeover

Our SpellSlingers based demo game has gotten a makeover recently!

We’ve been moving along with the SpellSlingers mobile app, now that the hardware is done and the patents are pending. Incognita Limited has been doing great work incorporating our hardware into the software–so meanwhile we have been making sure the app will look and feel as great as the physical gear!

Flat images are getting a glossy and polished finish, and each element is being tweaked to better reflect the feel of the game. You’ll also notice we took some feedback from our players so that the app will be more intuitive (and easy for larger fingers).

This new design will be incorporated into the full SpellSlingers game, along with 3 other dueling screens similar to the screen above. Ultimately, your app will look different depending on which wizard faction you join in the game! Fight for your wizard faction and enjoy unique graphics to match your faction’s particular style.

It’s just one way we’re working to make our Daemon Platform a memorable, immersive augmented reality experience! Whether you’re LARPing or casually dueling with spells in the backyard, we’re here to put a whole new spin on play.

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