Practicing our Spell Gestures

As we’ve mentioned in a post back in January, Gesture Casting to Better Spells, we have been working on incorporating gesture technology into our wands. This means you’ll be able to ‘swish’ and ‘flick’ your wand in order to cast different magic spells.

Harry Potter Image of Hermione and Ron

Of course, that means taking on certain responsibilities as a wizard-in-training.

This gesture technology already exists (ever experimented with a Harry Potter TV Remote? We get to experiment with fun gadgets like this and call it ‘work’), but now we’re testing to see which gestures work and which don’t register with our hardware. Basically, we’re making magic. 😉

Our plan is to make a unique gesture for each of our spells–at least 7 in total–and to have them ready for our demo games this summer! We’ll keep you informed. Who knows? Maybe eventually we can combine it with verbal commands.

Verbal commands can be VERY picky.

Verbal commands can be VERY picky.

Of course, that comes with it’s own new list of challenges…we better give that some serious thought before implementation.

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