A Productive 2017!

It’s the end of 2017, and as we look back on our accomplishments we find ourselves really excited for the new year. It’s been a long road at Legacy Game Systems, developing our new hardware and mobile augmented reality game, SpellSlingers. After two years of playtesting, we’re getting close to having a finished product! In early 2018, you’ll finally be able to purchase SpellSlingers, where you can join a faction and duel people for the title of the best wizard.

So. Very. Excited.

But, let’s take a step back a moment. We’d like to give real credit to all that our team has managed in 2017. Going through the list, it turns out we’ve been pretty gosh darn busy.

Looking back at 2017:

  • We partnered with Incognita Limited to code SpellSlingers
  • Attended DragonCon for our 2nd year, conducting successful playtests
  • Were invited to be a panelist at SDCC for the second year
  • We were awarded our second patent!
  • We’re developing a new melee combat system incorporating our hardware
  • Tales of the Wanderer’s rules and game play is under development

Thank you, team! And thank you, fans. We appreciate your support and look forward to things to come in the new year. Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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