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Breathing Life into SpellSlingers

[caption id="attachment_402" align="alignleft" width="204"] Modern day wizards look a lot like the average "muggle!"[/caption] SpellSlingers, our magic dueling game, is developing into an exciting augmented reality experience! Originally we built SpellSlingers to be a game for the backyard and a few friends, but we've decided the game can easily be much more than that. SpellSlingers will now include a…
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A Classic DnD Solution for Wizard Duels

A Classic DnD Solution for Wizard Duels   If you're a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player, you might remember the world of Mystara. One of the game's first settings, it was especially popular during the 1980s and was comprised of such familiar places as the Known World and the Savage Coast. Ultimately? Mystara was the…
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