Tales of the Wanderer

As we get closer to a final version of our Daemon Platform, we are excited about the possibilities. What we’ve created is an augmented reality system that will revolutionize personal entertainment as we know it! We’ve never been so sure of these possibilities as we are now, as we announce the upcoming launch of our first live action role play (LARP) game, Tales of the Wanderer.

Tales of the Wanderer is not our first LARP–Ford Ivey is one of the great minds behind¬†NERO International, Shandlin’s Ferry, Wildlands, The Isles, a live version of Call of Cthulhu, and The Osiris Sanction–but it will be the first to feature our immersive AR gear. Players will be equipped with a special weapon, several unobtrusive sensors, and a hub on their phones, and this tech will allow them to enter a world of adventure.

Many LARP games allow players to learn skills through the use of experience points. This standard method makes sense, right? Tales of the Wanderer takes this progression a step further thanks to our technology. When you craft a sword or kill a monster, you get better at doing these things over time! Just like it works in real life, you will build your skills through actual practice.

shieldmaiden photo

Take up your sword and learn how to use it–just like it works in real life.

For example, you decide to become a mighty warrior and purchase a longsword for yourself. At first you know nothing about fighting with this weapon. You swing at goblins, but can only inflict a few minor cuts and scrapes. However, as you continue to use your sword, you eventually develop the skill and become more effective. Successful hits deal greater damage, cleaving cleanly through your foes!

We are able to make this work with our system in a real and immersive way. While too complicated for a standard game, our tech keeps track of when you use a skill and who or what you use it on. Recorded in our app, this data is used to increase the skill without needing to do math or requiring you to keep track of what you do. You will get better at a sword, because you are using and training with a sword!

Our system is not limited to weapon skills. There are magic and craft abilities you may also want to develop. We are excited for the creative possibilities–for our LARP, as well as any other game that uses our hardware and software capabilities. It’s just one of the ways Legacy Game Systems is creating a uniquely immersive gaming experience.

Look out for Tales of the Wanderer next spring 2018. Alpha and day events will be announced soon!


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