Tech Improvements Based on YOUR Suggestions

Tech Improvements Based on YOUR Suggestions

We are getting close to having our final hardware revision by the end of February! Let us tell you about some of the changes we’ve been making.

After our demo at DragonCon, Ford felt like there wasn’t enough excitement when casting a spell with our wands. Magic should have sound and a visual element, so we’ve been developing a “gauntlet” in order to make this happen.

IMG_0288The Gauntlet

The gauntlet will support external speakers and a visual display in order to respond when you are hit with a spell. Loud sound effects, lights and flashes will indicate a successful hit–and look impressive on the magic battlefield! We will include this and other augmented devices for our future demo groups. It’s just one more way we are creating an immersive game.

As we get closer to a finished product, we will continue to update you all on what we’ve got brewing in the game lab. New and exciting developments are on the way!

Once we get photos, you’ll see the gauntlet as well. 😉


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