The 5 Coolest Wizard Duels in Movies

We’ve been hard at work on our upcoming SpellSlingers game, and it’s really gotten us thinking about some of the coolest wizard duels…specifically on the big screen. We’ve been treated to some fantastic creations through the years, many of which inspire us as we develop an immersive magic game with wands.

While it’s a challenge to create any game that can complete with the magical fun of these movies, with a little imagination–we’re not too far off!

Saruman vs Gandalf

This classic Lord of the Rings scene showcases two veteran actors playing roles they were practically born to play. This intense wizard duel nails home the danger of the looming villain, and provides fantastic character development. Over a masterpiece of a music score, this is what we want to look like when we grow up.

Harry vs Draco

When you think classic wizard duels, this is probably close. Inspired by Old Victorian era duels, the wizards of Harry Potter gather to demonstrate their magic prowess. Only instead of pistols at dawn, it’s wands at noon. We especially like how similar this style of duel is to our SpellSlingers game! It’s intense paired with the regular whimsy of the Harry Potter wizarding world.

Dr. Strange vs Kaecilius

Visually striking, this heavy SFX fight from Dr. Strange allows us to see Madds Mikklesen at his most terrifying. The character of Dr. Strange really starts to come to grip with his power in this duel, his usual logic and analytical thinking taking a backseat to Kaecilius’ ability. We see a junior wizard fighting a trained senior spell slinger, and the result is a magical explosion of fun. Also the cape is cool.

Merlin vs Madam Mim

Remember this one from your childhood? The Sword in the Stone features a wizard duel between Merlin and Madam Mim that is purely magical and whimsical…with an element of danger. It’s fun to see this mind vs mind battle; it’s not a traditional duel but based more on a person’s wits and creativity. To win, one must adapt to a changing condition! This is a true mark of a wizard.

Yoda vs Palpatine

Let’s be fair. Star Wars is an opera about space wizards. In this epic fight in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, we get to see the greatest Jedi and Sith of the age duking it out in a showdown for the fate of the Galactic Republic. Yoda and Palpatine use their minds and their Force magic to reach fantastic heights. Literally.

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