Wizard Wars Playtest

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A few weeks ago we hosted a play-test for our Daemon Platform, particularly looking at running our upcoming Wizard Wars game. Russ and Torrey were our guinea pigs–thanks, you two! <3

You’ll notice in the photos that there are a few featured components:

1) The Cowl: We’ve made purple and gold cowls that go over the shoulders, which have several sensors attached to it. These sensors detect when spells or weapons hit you.

2) The Sword: Each sword has hardware built into the handle, which detects when a hit connects with your target. Three buttons on each weapon also allow you to use abilities.

3) The Wand: Wands allow you to cast spells at others using a button and a movement directed at your target.

4) The Phone Device:  Each person wears a cell phone on their wrist, which keeps track of all the data happening during the game. Glancing down at your wrist allows you to determine your Hit Points, abilities, etc.

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